OptiCel Supplements

Keeping your bodies cells healthy will help with energy and prevent disease.  Plus you will just feel good each day.  OptiCel offers some really great supplements that you will like as much as we do.

Heart Health ($59-75):  helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.  Great for sports performance and recovery (prevention of muscle soreness and pain).  They contain 5 super ingredients (Magnesium Complex, Vitamin K, Quercetin, Curcumin and Trans-Resveratrol).

Glucose Balance ($59-75):  helps with keeping your metabolism in balance and your weight in check.  Great with gut health and getting rid of any inflammation.  We notice it works amazing with energy, cognitive function and our aging “fight against the clock” too!  Same 5 great super ingredients to keep you on track.

Joint Health ($59-75): this is my husbands favorite.  A great supplement for reducing morning stiffness, chronic inflammation and moving around more easily.  He said its his major “go-to” in cold weather when his back suffers the most.  Also great for bone density and bone loss.  Helps with premature aging and everything arthritis.  Once again, same 5 super ingredients.

You simply must check out these great vitamins.  Time to take care of yourself and what could be easier!  They all provide immune boosting powers too which clearly we all need now more than ever!  If you subscribe so you never run out you will save money in the process.