Review: Basquettes – The Everything Basket

The weather here is very cold yet this house still grills outside all year long!  My hubby received a really cool Christmas gift this year and this past weekend we put it to the test.

Basquettes are these really awesome oven/grill tools that you can use to roast, grill, air-fry, smoke and rotisserie your favorite meals.

Here is what we found to be super cool about this product: whether you use it inside or outside you are completely eliminating all these cumbersome appliances and multicookers.  You will no longer need a stand alone air-fryer, rotisserie oven, grill basket or smoker; these are multi-use nesting baskets (super light weight I may add) that can be put together to fit any cooking need.  The are very easy to stack, flip and use and you can cook multiple levels at the same time.   The baskets by the way can be elevated so you get quick and consistent cooking.

How we used it: we literally put marinated shrimp in the top basket and potatoes and other vegetables in the bottom one.  As they grilled, the juices from the shrimp/marinade actually dripped down and gave the veggies extra flavor!

Other cool features: these baskets are stainless steel, scratch resisitant and completely food safe.  They also can go into your dishwasher!

The pricing is super reasonable (135.00) making it a great gift or investment for your household!  Think shower gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too! Very neat product!