Soylent is a Great Meal Replacement

I grew up knowing the term is Soylent green from the movie. Hi will never forget people repeating to me the line, “Soylent Green is people “

This Soylent is definitely not people. This Soylent is simply protein to replace your ugly “get by meals” meals.

Especially through Covid, this has been a more and more interesting question that I can ask. See, throughout Covid, I have found that I was repeatedly ordering Chinese food and other meals as a quick snack. I happen to love Chinese but I do not love the idea that I was eventually simply eating something quick and dirty just to be sure I covered my meals. It wasn’t as if I was sitting there hoping and praying to particularly have Chinese food so much as I was having Chinese food for the sake of getting the meal done. That is far from a healthy way to eat. I wasn’t eating something I wanted to eat but admittedly just having meals to cover the bases.

I started coming to the conclusion that if I’m eating a meal just for the sake of eating…. well, it’s probably not the healthiest meal choice. I’m not even enjoying the meal.

So, I started thinking to myself what meals can I have what I want to eat and order those meals I’d like and not the stuff just to get by.. I love sushi so I’ll order sushi all day long. But if I’m at the point where I am finding myself eating just to stuff something in my face it seems not only lonely pointless and unhealthy but also a waste of money.

I think the combination of these factors is what makes Soylent here quite interesting. First of all, it does truly taste good and it does have some great flavours. You’ll see, for example, there a variety pack which admittedly still leaves me quite partial to chocolate. In addition, they have small bars which are great for a quick little snack.

If you ever have a meal that is essentially one just to stuff your face it probably makes much more sense to have something that is healthy quick and cheap. If you find yourself craving sushi or craving that meal and you really want to eat it, that’s one story. But if you find yourself instead in a position where you just eating for the sake of eating, then this is a much better choice. I can tell you that my goal now is to see how many of those meals I’m just forcing upon myself and trying to switch them to an option like Soylent here.

It is essential to pay attention to what we eat and how we eat, especially during these challenging times. Ordering food out of convenience or habit, rather than for enjoyment, can lead to unhealthy eating habits and waste of money. Soylent can be a great option for those who are looking for a quick, healthy, and tasty meal replacement. The company offers a variety of flavors and small bars that are perfect for a quick snack. Soylent is a great alternative to unhealthy meals that we eat just to fill our stomachs. By paying attention to our eating habits, we can make healthier choices that benefit both our bodies and our wallets.