Review: BreinFuel

We are full swing back to everything and busier than ever!  I basically run on coffee, the husband on energy drinks and we all seem to crash and burn at some point during the day.  These drinks we are sort of addicted to are full of the wrong kinds of things and as a result don’t keep us going in the right way.

BreinFuel is a true winner!  We were so lucky to get to try this out and be introduced to how wonderful the product is this week!

What makes this different than others?  It contains natural caffeine, green tea extract and green coffee bean extract.  This is the best of all of these without the roast or heat that reduces its potency.  With regard to fuel, you are looking at MCT Oil, D-Ribose and Collagen.  Antioxidants include Vitamin C, Beetroot and Vitamin E.  Finally, brain boosters like L-Theanine, Glycine, Zinc and Creatine.  If you combine all this together, you get yourself an awesome, revolutionary all day focus beverage.  You will not crash mid-day like you may on coffee, energy drinks etc.

Flavor and taste is amazing.  We received a variety pack (peach mango, fruit punch, citrus and mixed berry).  They were all yummy; I personally am partial to the peach mango.

Check them out!