ewool® PRO+ Heated Vest for Women

Who doesn’t want to feel warm during those cold days?

The ewool PRO+ vest is one of highest quality heated vests that is fashionably designed.

As soon as I tried on the vest within 3 seconds I instantly started to feel to heat.  I love that it very form fitting and not bulky.  The snug fit makes it very flattering.  Rather than wearing a puffer vest that make you look like a balloon this is a better option.  This is especially great if you are active.

Who wants wear clothing that weighs you down when you’re hiking, skiing, biking  or roller blading or being active?   This is also great for hunters, fishermen, golfers or someone who works outdoors all day.

Turning the heat on or off  is also an option.  If you get too hot you can turn off the heat.

This is designed in Canada. Canadians certainly know how to survive the cold weather. There is something about having your upper body warm that keeps you all warm and fuzzy inside.

The vest is very comfortable to wear.  The battery is slightly heavy however it fits perfectly in the pocket.   It is easy to charge and the battery life can last up to 7 hours on low energy and about 1.75 hours on high energy.

At $478 it is a bit expensive however, it’s so worth the investment.   For someone like me who hates the cold it was my favorite piece of clothing this frigid winter.    I’m so spoiled now with my heated vest and actually don’t mind the cold weather as much.

It provides full heating coverage featuring built-in, wraparound heating elements in the back, front, and collar of the vest.

The ewool PRO+ vest is machine washable after removing the battery.

I love how warm it makes me feel when I’m wearing my ewool PRO+ vest on those cold days.   Now I don’t mind the cold so much.

This vest is available for both men and woman.  Check out the website more information and additional accessories.