I know its winter and we are pretty much putting away outdoor toys where I live but this weekend we actually unboxed and set up what might be our favorite outdoor game EVER!

Do you guys know about CROSSNET? This is four square volleyball that you can set up in minutes in sand and on grass.  Literally was so easy – so many times products state they are easy and just are not.  This was an actual breeze.  You need ZERO tools.  A fully assembled crossnet measures about 13 feet by 13 feet.  This is great for your next BBQ or beach gathering.  It comes with this amazing carry bag; you can assemble/disassemble and pack/store compactly.  I actually think I may just keep it in my trunk for the warmer months we are ready to play wherever life may bring us.

Now all you need is three friends to join you (one per square).  The object; to make it to square 4 where a player can serve and score.  When the ball lands on the ground, the unlucky server is eliminated and goes back to square one or the end of the line if more than 4 players are having fun.  Players keep points and keep rotating clockwise.  Once we got going we were big time competing and having a blast!

Grab one of these now and be ready for spring/summer!  Such a great gift! Amazon also has it (you will have it in just a few days before the holidays if need be).