Review: Hoppy & Poppy Pink Cheeks

Ok here is just an adorable option for your holiday gift giving needs this year.  Hoppy & Poppy Pink Cheeks are amazing educational books and toys that will help your child gain the skills they need to thrive!  They teach your children about their emotions.  I mean I know adults too that could benefit from this!

We received two books in our box of goodies.  The Not So Scary Board Book is great for right before bedtime.  It has an adorable cast of characters that talk about how they feel (nervous, worried, excited etc.) The pages feature “slides” that show the characters progression and change of emotions as you go throughout the story.  The What We Feel Board Book is a great story of feelings.  Your child will learn awareness of emotions like happy/calm/peaceful/grateful and more.  These are both a MUST for your child’s library.

The Patoo Flying Blanket Character Blanket ($20) is this amazing comfort companion for your little one.  It is super soft and features (4) colors which each signify a different emotion.  White is peaceful, green is calm, blue is strong and yellow is happy.  You child can use this blanket as a self soother as well as a conversation starter to help you both communicate feelings/emotions.

You can also purchase adorable Hoppy & Poppy plush pals that have great hang=hooks so you can easily attach to your carrier, car seat or diaper bag.  The wristbands they offer in their gift sets are a great way to name/wear what the adorable frogs or your child might be currently feeling.  These can be easily stored inside the zippered pouch of either plush frog.

You must check out these amazing social/emotional products for your household! So many great holiday gift box options for any budget!