Review: Enviroscent

image of enviroscent room spray bottle and sprayer

I spent most of this past weekend doing a Spring Cleaning of sorts.  It is just that time of year.  How about a new standard in cleaning products?  A brand of non-toxic air fresheners.  Nothing with chemicals, nothing overpowering. Do you have teenagers as I do? They smell.  Doesn’t matter how much they shower or how “neat and organized” they are.  They just simply smell.  I am always looking for a product to “freshen” up their rooms or the bathroom, etc.  Enviroscent is just that product. They offer items for small spaces, medium spaces, your car, and more.

Here is what we love:

Scent Spritz Starter Kit ($11): This is a non-toxic air freshener made with essential oils and purified water only.  All you need to do is spray as needed.  The scent is nice and clean and totally safe as I mentioned earlier.  The scent is lemon and thyme – perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc.

Scent Stix + Stand Starter Kit ($14):  This went from the box straight into my teenage son’s room.  It is now a mandatory feature on his dresser.  This is a liquid-free diffuser – meaning no oils, leaks, or mess.  Just perfect for kids, pets, etc.  Think college dorm rooms too, people!  You get scents like green tea, spearmint, fennel, and earthy woods.  It works for men/women/boys/girls.  Literally, it is perfect.  I just grabbed two more for my bathrooms as well.

Check out Enviroscent now!