Review: Green Cola

Okay, so this house is a big fan/consumer of seltzers, sparkling waters, etc.  I tend to steer them away from soda for the obvious reasons.  This week we were sent a box of the great options from Green Cola and I have to say I am fine with the kids enjoying these.  They are naturally sweetened (using Stevia, not sugar).  These products are free from sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  They are naturally sweetened with Stevia and naturally caffeinated with green coffee beans.  The result is amazing quality and taste.

Green Cola: finally a version of “classic cola” without all the guilt and bad stuff.  I was expecting it to have what I call that “funny taste” ( I truly hate everything fake sugar) but these are just really, really good.  No Aspartame, thank the Lord, which means the kids can have some too.  I was very surprised and happy with this cola.  I will be back for more when we run out.

Green Fruit Flavors: Okay, these are amazing.  Sparkling orangeade (14 calories), sour cherry (17 calories), lemonade (7 calories), and lemon lime (0 calories).  You honestly cannot go wrong with any of them.  The clear winner in this house was the sour cherry, I want to mention.  Very different and enjoyable.  These can be enjoyed chilled in the can, over ice, or for parents, here is a fun tip and idea, mix with your favorite vodka!

You can find these easily on Amazon and Walmart as well as other retailers.  Check them out!