Turning Red Debuts on DVD

turning red

Disney and Pixar’s film Turning Red is going to debut on all major digital platforms on April 26. This, of course, includes Disney+.  In addition, it is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra DVD on May 7 in time for Mother’s Day.

If you’ve not seen the film, it’s a great metaphor for the world and chaos of adolescence. Mei, a 13-year-old Toronto resident, has an overbearing mom and is having quite a few of the usual teenage dilemmas. Whenever she gets too excited, she turns into a giant red panda.

The film is pretty much based on the reality of teenage life and has all sorts of characters, including one who is a homosexual character, which seems to have caused a recent controversy in terms of people not wanting to ban Disney for being “woke.”

The reality is the film is actually rated quite well and has even received a 94% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though its worst score is still a 7 out of 10, it’s not exactly as bad a film as the critics make it out to be. It confronts teenage issues which, in and of itself, teenage life is quite traumatizing. If you are a subscriber of Disney+, set your clock for April 26 and see for yourself.

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