Review: Maelys Cosmetics


Perfect timing before the summer is receiving this amazing box of anti-cellulite creams from Maelys Cosmetics.  You can start now on your own “at home” journey to a sexier, slimmer figure this summer.

Here is what we received and are loving:

B-FLAT: this is belly firming cream that helps with smoothing out your belly skin and fading those pesky stretch marks.

The cost for one is about $50; you save if you purchase more than one at a time and you typically see results in the second bottle.  Very simple process.  Just apply to your loose skin and stretch marks in the belly area and massage in a circular motion.  You will feel warmth which is normal.  I use twice daily so far.

B-TIGHT: the best!  This is a lift and firm booty mask.  You leave it on and watch how the cellulite starts to fade away and your butt and thigh area is firmer.  Same here – you save money if you buy more than one jar (one is $50) and you will typically start seeing results in jar 2.  It is so crazy; I’ve never played with products like this before and I am kind of in awe of the results so far.

B-FLEX: this is the tiny hero in the box we received.  This is your cream to reduce loose and sagging underarm skin for a nice, tight look in your summer tanks.  Same thing – results in the second bottle, one costs $50 but on all of these you can save $10 each by purchasing two at a time.

What could be easier?  Apply twice a day, see results before summer!

Check them out!