Review: My Gnome on the Roam


Who is looking for some adventure?  Some exploration and creativity with your family?

Look no further than this new cool product we are checking out this week: My Gnome on the Roam.   We opened up our adorable suitcase and were immediately introduced to Gustav, the garden gnome.  First up is reading the origin story.  Then you can begin journaling about your own family adventures and creating some pretty cool memories.  I think my favorite part of the case is the adorable wooden pen.  You actually create/name/design your very own gnome to start your own origin story and adventures.

This is sort of like a few years ago—Flat Stanley.  But just so much more fun.  My kid, who really doesn’t enjoy the writing process, is kind of mesmerized; she hasn’t been able to put the pen down.  That, in the wake of the two years of “virtual” and weird learning, is just saying so much.

Phones, tablets, and computers have been put on the shelf.  We are actually all talking at dinner as a family about what our very own gnome, “Martin,” had done for the day.  Also kind of neat is that you can check out what gnomes are doing across the world.

Check out this amazing product!