Top Day After Mother’s Day Memes

It’s the day after Mother’s Day and frankly, I’m exhausted.  Sure, I got to relax yesterday for a few hours, but that was after I yelled at the kids for 20 minutes and then spent two hours helping everybody get ready.  This morning I woke up and learned that Day After Mother’s Day Memes were a thing.  I woke up and realized that tons of moms are going through the same Mother’s Day angst and exhaustion. The next day, we look at each other and feel completely exhausted at the concept of Mother’s Day and worse, the next day: Day After Mother’s Day.

Just like they discussed making it so that the day after the Super Bowl was a national holiday, can we do the same thing to survive Mother’s Day? Maybe at least make it a three-day weekend so we can go away on vacation?

1. Now you know my morning the Day After Mother’s Day.

day after mothers day 2


2. And now you know my face the Day After Mother’s Day!

image of "mom" looking nice on mother's day and frazzled on the day after mother's day


3. I don’t usually watch the Kardashians but this resonates with after mothers day 3
4. Yes, breaks are lovely. Now I need another one.

day after mothers day 4


5. I am starting to notice a theme when it comes to Day after Mother’s Day and memes.

day after mothers day 5


BTW, if you need a bit of Self Care we made a list to get you back on track.