Myprotein Products Review

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My house is trying to get back into shape after this terrible pandemic by working out more, eating better, and making sure we have the “fuel” to help us along the way. We spent the last few weeks trying out all that Myprotein has to offer and honestly couldn’t be happier.  These products are truly helping us fuel our workouts, get moving, and find success along the way.

Here is what we are loving right now:

The Whey (NSF) is your premium 100% whey protein blend.  It contains natural digestive enzymes and prebiotics so you can maximize workout recovery and maintain building muscles.  Two great flavors (chocolate peanut butter and blueberry muffin) – we are LOVING the blueberry by the way.   I am finding that this product is just so much more than “for working out.”  It helps with your immune system and digestion too!  Cost is about $35.99 for 30 servings.

Clear Whey Isolate ($32):  This is a really refreshing post-workout protein boost.  Many flavors to choose from including cherry vanilla cream, lemonade (OUR FAVE), peach, mango strawberry, and a few others.  This is a lighter option and contains zero sugar.  No milky texture either.  All you have to do is scoop into cold water and shake.  Very easy for on the go, at work, etc.

Layered Bars ($32 for a box of 12):  Okay, these are delicious.  I had one this morning actually.  They are your go-to high-protein snack.  They will curb all your sweet tooth cravings too by the way!  Great tasting and great flavor options (we love the chocolate coconut).

Check Myprotein out!