Strawberry Supermoon: Tuesday is a Full moon Supermoon


This Tuesday will be a combination of both a Supermoon and a Strawberry Moon.  This is not a common event and is especially worth seeing the moon with the kids.


What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon is when the moon looks amazingly big. In more complicated terms, NASA goes into detail about how it’s at its closest point. But with toddlers, it’s when the moon will look amazingly bigger.  When the moon does get a bit closer, it will appear much bigger in the sky, even though it’s not necessarily so close that you need to be worried!

This is the time to get those shots that really stand out.


What is a Strawberry Moon?

A Strawberry Moon is a name given by a Native American tribe that correlates to Strawberry Season. Sure, when it’s close it looks bright red, but that’s not the correlation here. This particular moon will start to show tonight and hit its zenith on Tuesday.


Don’t miss the Strawberry Supermoon

This particular combination is an incredible time to get some good photos of the kids plus a chance to try out a telescope and show them all the moon.  This can be a great chance to introduce the kids to astronomy and teach them about all of the phases of the moon.

In ancient cultures, people used to celebrate the moon cycles and I am trying to introduce this more and more to my family.  I think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the world around us.

If it’s too cloudy in your area, you can also watch the Strawberry Supermoon for free with this cool YouTube link: