Noshinku Hand Sanitizer Review

I know we are in a much better place with this whole never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, but I think we all learned some very important tips that we should really always continue.  For example, I will always have wipes and masks in my car, at my office, and of course, in the hall closet, on hand in case we need them.  And hand sanitizer; I make sure everyone has a little bottle with them at all times in their cars, backpacks, purses, totes, etc.  It is just a good habit regardless of “pandemic status” to use hand sanitizer as we navigate through the day. I got a super great hand-sani treat from Noshinku this week.

Noshinku hand sanitizers are super slim (totally fit in your back pocket actually), refillable, and come in super great scent options.  They do not contain hard-to-read and understand chemicals.  This is 70 percent ethyl alcohol that comes from organic sugarcane and gets rid of 99 percent of the nasty germs out there without drying your skin.  Oh, and Noshinku hand sanitizer doesn’t have that heavy gross alcohol odor that so many sanitizers have.

The scents are amazing (bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, spice-my favorite, and vetiver). They are kind of like a spray of your favorite essential oils to clean your hands.  How cool is that?  When your sanitizer is empty, you grab the refillable pouch and just pour in more.  Noshinku hand sanitizers really are easy to fill and think about all the plastic garbage you are helping reduce.

Check them out!