Nosotros Tequila Review


How about a yummy tequila drink to celebrate the Dad in your life this weekend? We are LOVING our experience/taste test with Nosotros Tequila.  What a great treat this week!

This is a small-batch agave spirits brand that combines Costa Rica and Mexico in every delicious bottle.  Honestly; don’t you deserve the right to stop, smell the roses and enjoy something premium with your loved ones?  That is the exact mantra this company has in mind for you.

We had a few cocktails with their Nosotros Tequila Reposado ($47) and couldn’t be happier.  This is blanco tequila that is aged 11 months.  It has this totally different butterscotch scent and you get fun hints of cinnamon.  Very different from your “everyday, common” brands.

Also available is Nosotros Tequila Blanco ($42).  This one blends two different agave regions (Highland and Lowland) and the combo gives you sweet, citrus, and herbal amazingness.   How about Nosotros Mezcal ($65) for the outdoor summer evening win.  This one combines Espadin and Tobala so you get vibrant, sweet, and citrus.  No matter which one you choose they all have a nice, smooth finish.

The products are sustainably sourced and all the bottling comes from recycled glass.  For every shipment, they plant a tree.

You must treat your dad/hubby to Nosotros Tequila!  And yourself!


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