Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2022

My husband loves fixing and doing things around the house.  I try to get him one gift for the house that he will use and see regularly, as well as something romantic. The idea is to have two Father’s Day gifts: one cute thing, and one that he can use around the house.

So, here’s our list of top Father’s Day gifts for dad to use around the house.

gifts for dad for home

In this photo, you’ll see three cool things that would make great Father’s Day gifts.

The first is actually a really funny inside joke in our house. The Securam EOS Wifi Smart Lock is perfect. You’re thinking…a lock? What can be cool about a lock? My husband, first of all, is a gadget freak, but second, he’s forgotten his key about three times this month.  What makes this cool is that he can set it up and install it and feel all sort of manly, but in addition, it satisfies his gadget side.  He can remotely open the door or change the code, all from an app on his phone.

In the middle, is a Curvd mug. No, I didn’t spell that wrong as the curved mug is from Curvd. It’s made by two best friends in Brooklyn who wanted to make an easier-to-hold mug.  So not only does it help the disabled community, it just makes sense because it’s easier to hold.

The far-right item is a set of BBQ tools from Dreamfarm.  They are well crafted and even have a magnetic holder.  They’re a great price point and honestly, you’re always going through barbeque tools. I know I’m sick of seeing him trying to wash his current barbeque tools and frankly making more of a mess than I can imagine.


My husband’s back isn’t exactly the best, especially after a flight. There are three things that are really cool about the Backlounge. First, it folds up really neatly so it fits quite well under a bed or in a closet.  Secondly, it’s great for stretching that back which is superb after a long flight.  But lastly, it’s an amazing way to get an ab workout without killing your back!

What I love about this is the versatility as well as its ability to store away. I’ve seen inversion tables that take up half a room and don’t allow for the working out that this does. This has that multi-function aspect of being both a workout machine as well as a great stretch too. But, it’s not another machine taking up half your room because it really does fold up nicely.



If you have a dad that’s into puzzles, this is taking puzzle-making to an entirely different planet. That statement is pretty much literal!   You can assemble the Ugears Model Sky Watcher and it actually works!  This is an amazing DIY clock that simply works under spring load pressure. If the dad in your life is into mechanics or engineering, this is more than just a project but one that they’ll keep on their desk and is something that people will talk about.  This isn’t just a puzzle that they’ll assemble and throw into the corner.


tell it well


What kind of cards to get the dad in your life?  He always laughs at the stupid traditional cards with corny greetings and says, “You couldn’t think of what to say yourself? I’d prefer that!”  Well, Tell it Well Cards feature original photography by Amy K. Wright. They’re blank in the middle so you can write your own thoughts and they look so much better than those regular cards. Honestly, anybody you get a gift for would so much more prefer a handwritten card with professional photography than some mass-produced phrase that nobody really cares about!




Enjoy the Wood makes the most beautiful map of the world that I’ve seen. You’re looking up at that picture thinking: “Wow that’s a bit of a puzzle!” Exactly!  How much fun of an activity is it to hang on the wall and display this beautiful map?  If you have a blank wall in your house or office, this is a gorgeous decoration, plus it’s a full map of the world and entirely functional. I love that not only does this look gorgeous, but it’s also a great activity to do with the family.

dragonglass diamond collection

And the award for coolest-looking glasses that I’ve seen in a while goes to Dragonglass. They call them gravity-defying but they basically lean really cool to any side on any angle. What makes this mom think they’re cool is that they’re actually dishwasher safe which is a dream. I have no desire to try to clean these every night!   But I love pieces like this which are basically stand-alone, spotlight-type pieces.


Brabantia makes excellent knives. I’ve always loved the look of a sleek knife block on a kitchen counter. I’ve never liked keeping knives in a drawer; it’s messy and dangerous. The Brabantia Profile Knife Block is sleek and great for a small kitchen. It includes five essential knives: a chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife. The blades stay sharp longer than most and are scratch and corrosion-resistant.



Jaanuu has a loungewear collection for men, a more sophisticated look than old joggers! Although the brand is usually associated with scrubs, their lounge and athletic wear can be worn by anyone. The material is so soft and cushiony. The material is breathable as well. I think I will “borrow” these from my husband.

jenis ice cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream has the Cool Dad collection “for the dad who is actually hip.” This mix contains Boston Cream Pie, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Darkest Chocolate, Middle West Whiskey & Pecans, Brambleberry Crisp, and Buttercream Birthday Cake.   Out of this mix, I have to say Middle West Whiskey and Pecans is SUCH the flavor to add to this list of top Father’s Day gifts. Can you imagine a glass of whiskey followed by this Whiskey ice cream? Sure the rest were great too, but that particular one is the show stopper.

image of cans of austin eastciders light ciders as suggestions for Father's Day gifts

Cider is my husband’s favorite and Austin Eastciders are his favorite go-to cider. Now, they’ve come out with a light cider so he can watch the calories a tad. You’ll see they now have flavors of Texas Brut, Cucumber Agave, Mango Mimosa, and Strawberry Lemonade. This has a wonderful light flavor as well as being light on the calories.  If you’re a fan of cider, then this is a wonderful option to check out.


image of uncharted supply co.'s first aid kit as suggestion for Father's Day gifts

I know you’re thinking it… a First Aid Kit? Jeez, how boring! Well, you’d be quite wrong. Uncharted Supply Co makes the first aid kit to beat all other first aid kits. They label it as a first aid kit that wants to be a survival kit. Considering the leatherman tool and flashlight you see on the right, you get the idea. Dads love to fix problems, it’s in their DNA. This first aid kit has basically everything one could ever need for any first aid situation. It’s the most high-end first aid kit that I’ve seen.


image of chantal cookware as suggestions for Father's Day gifts

Every Sunday morning, our tradition is that my husband loves to make a ridiculously sized breakfast. It’s usually a breakfast of immense portions that is completely unnecessarily large.  Chantal is American-made and makes high-quality cooking material so a new set of cooking ware is perfect for Dad on Father’s Day.  He gets a high-quality set of cookware, and we get breakfast. Plus, if you’d like to order yourself, they offer free shipping too.


image of 1821 products as suggestions for Father's Day gifts

I am not suggesting that I would base my purchasing decisions on how the products made my man smell… but this is exactly why I would buy 18.21 Man Made. Their products smell incredible.  Specifically, that body wash to the right that looks like whiskey, smells just like whiskey.   The grit bar doesn’t smell like grit but smells just like a woman wants their man to smell. Don’t worry about their flash sale, ignore their pricing. Just focus on the smell.

You’ll also see in this shot products from Stryke Club which was founded by four moms to help make a solution for acne. Guys need it simple and this is as simple as you can get.   Here’s the cleansing wipe, wipe your face. You’re done. These wipes work both for teens as well as dads. Both of them seem to need a bit of help when it comes to simple strategies that they’ll actually do.

MeatStick Mini

The Meat Stick is a Bluetooth thermometer that helps you tell if the meat is at the right temperature. The Meat Stick Mini is a beautiful version of that perfect tool for cooking in the kitchen. As its size suggests, it’s the perfect adorable size to stick in your kitchen drawer and use whenever you’re having your next dinner party.


Germ Guardian is an air cleaner that has three-in-one operations.  It kills germs, allergens, and odors. It’s not an obnoxious size and I had this in the kitchen for a week before my husband even noticed it.  He originally thought it was for COVID, but this was so perfect for just clearing out the smoke and odors from another night of grilling.


Sensibo AirQ

Sensibo AirQ is a simple design that gets the job done. I’m not going to make this complicated. It gives you intelligence on the quality of your air.  Does it have too much CO2, maybe some TVOC?  Most people have a Nest or the like in one corner of the house and then your bedroom is in the far corner. Not only does this help check the air quality, but it can also work with your thermostat to set the air cycling if it’s too hot. Or if you’re like me, you’ll learn quickly that the master bedroom is way too humid.


An organized life is a happy life! That’s at least what my grandmother used to say. In collaboration with The Spruce, iDesign makes products that look good but keep you organized. Here’s a simple tray and suction organizer, and sometimes simple and straightforward is much better than the broken cup my husband uses now!

There are some wonderful possibilities here for Father’s Day gifts. Hope there’s something here for the Dad in your life.

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