Review: Nourishing Biologicals

Who wants a spa day experience in the comfort of their own home.  I mean this girl does!  Why go out in the germs and the freezing cold anyhow!

Nourishing Biologicals brings you indulgent products to nourish and rejuvenate your skin!  Literally luxury at home!

Here is what we were sent to check out and are loving:

This Miracular Line uses impressive technology to work on everything that ails you; fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, redness, irritation, flaking, puffiness and more!

Miracular Travel Collection ($70): this is the perfect combination for younger and healthier looking skin.  You get mini sized (perfect for TSA travel guidelines) Miracular Hydrating Cleanser,  Eye Cream, Face Serum and Skin Essence.  These products stop and protect your skin from premature aging and help with the environmental damage( like sun and wind) to your skin.  This will work for women of all ages and skin types.  I am someone with very sensitive skin and I have no problem at all with these products.  I have to mention also that I am noticing a dramatic decrease in the puffiness also!  Great to pack on your next trip or in your purse or tote!

The company offers other great product lines as well in body care, for men and even one for those of you that suffer from acne, scarring and/or eczema!

Please check them out!