Review: ParcSlope for MacBook & iPad

For the “techie” on your holiday shopping list I am loving the new ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad ($60).  This is a MUST for comfortable working/studying at home.

ParcSlope is a dual purpose stand that lifts your MacBook screen and can properly angle your iPad so you can work comfortably.  This means that you will be more productive!  I personally love adding any ergonomic product to my home office/study because we just don’t realize how many hours a day/week we are spending on computers/tablets and other devices.  It does a major number on your neck/back/hands/shoulders/wrists.  My son just mentioned how great it was to try this out with his iPad.  He had to do a sketch for his engineering course and the ParcSlope created this super great 18-degree angle.  Oh…and the height it gives your MacBook will help increase the devices airflow so it won’t get “hot” like it sometimes can.

This product will hold every style iPad in both landscape and portrait mode.  You can even make the tablet a mini desktop computer by adding a wireless keyboard!
You must check this out!  I just used it last night on my den coffee table to create an invitation list for a corporate event.  It was the perfect angle so I wasn’t hunched over yet could sit upright and easily work.

Order now so you have what you need under your tree!