Review: Womple Studios STEM Subscription Box

You know I always talk about how much I love subscription boxes – I just love getting mail that I can unbox and enjoy – and who doesn’t love a surprise!

WompleBox is your STEM subscription box with all kinds of activities to keep your child’s curiosity sparked.  These are monthly adventures that are going to actually feed the brains of our future teachers, explorers and scientists.  The illustrated books teach geography, nature and culture.  All of the activities bring diverse and interesting topics that take your child on a journey of statistics and facts like no other.  Each month is a new topic so it never gets boring.

This couldn’t be an easier gift solution this holiday season.  You simply pick the package that best suits your child and each month you get a unique, tailored box.  Once you open it, your child has access to new information about the world around them!

Options include WompleBox (ages 6-11) for elementary school aged children curious about the world.  DinoBox (ages 3-5) has great sensory activities and really cute dinosaur themed stories and games.  The cost is about $25-30 a month but you choose your plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) so you can tailor your gift to any budget!