Review: Placewares


Spring always inspires me to do some cleaning/organizing and sprucing up of my home decor.  It just so happens that my being asked to check out the great items from Placewares came about at the exact same time.  You will love all that they have to offer; each item is unique and expertly designed.

Here is what we are loving:

German Cotton Dish Towel ($12): This is one of their best sellers, and I am buying like 5 more right now.  100% cotton, super-absorbent, and the perfect size.

Handmade Brass Bowls ($14): These are great for any table, desk, even your nightstand, to store your favorite jewelry overnight.  They are handmade and, as such, each one is unique with its own irregularities.  This is one of their new items.

Blue Wave Fish Teacup ($11): This completely awesome ceramic cup is a great addition to your kitchen/bathroom/desk.  The “Tai” fish featured on the cup is a Japanese symbol of good luck.  Microwave and dishwasher safe; no brainer to add to your home.

Square Multicolor Felt Coasters (4PK) ($24): Ok these are my favorite coasters ever.  They are high-quality German merino wool and the color choices will fit any home aesthetic you have going.  They are available round or square.

Brasilia Candle ($36): a new candle they offer with a nice musky rosewood scent.  Kind of love the quality and knowing that it is actually infused with essential oils.  I really enjoy this candle after a long day at work.

You have to spend some time today checking out all that Placewares has to offer.  I was hooked in 2 minutes.  You will have everyone asking you, “Where did you get that?”