Great Healthy Protein-Packed Snacks from ShrewdFood

I get we all try to be healthier but sometimes as I peruse the healthy aisle of my local supermarket everything looks so dry/bland/boring.  I was thrilled to try out the great products from ShrewdFood this week.  You actually get to enjoy a yummy snack and have great health benefits along for the ride!

Here are some of the snacks we are loving:

Protein Puffs: These are crunchy, puffy snacks in an array of great flavors.  They are keto-friendly, low in carbs, high in protein, and gluten-free.  They come in really convenient-sized bags that fit perfectly in your tote, purse, or lunch bag.  I am kind of a texture person and these are completely perfect.  Also very high in flavor which most “good for you” snacks are not.  Flavors we tried and love include, totally taco, white cheddar (my favorite), avocado toast, buffalo ranch, and sweet Thai chili.  Other great flavors as well! Each was light, delicious, and unique.  You can bundle your favorite flavors and purchase your way!

Protein Croutons: Okay, these are really cool.  You can bring them to work and add them to your salad with ZERO guilt.  There are 23 crispy croutons per serving, with 3g carbs and 10g protein.  Once again, the flavor is pretty awesome and the texture is perfect.  We tried both the French Onion and the Bacon Ranch.  Once again, gluten-free, high in protein, low in carbs, and keto-friendly.  There are other great flavors as well!

The company offers other great keto snacks and cookies as well!  Check them out!