Dottir On-Grid – An Earphone for Working Out


The Dottir On-Grid earphones are specifically designed to be earphones for working out.

These are comfortable earphones with a nice fit that will remain secure through any workout.

What is the sound quality of the Dottir On-Grid?

They are built with Active Noise Cancellation and, between that and how well they fit, I found the noise cancellation quality to be rather good. They definitely rivaled and kept up with AirPods, which I feel have become the standard in terms of earbuds.

How do they feel?

This is where the Dottir On-Grip earphones really shine. These are built rugged and, with the extra ear hook, you feel comfortable knowing that they’re not going anywhere. I also love the fact that these were literally designed by athletes. Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir and Annie Mist Thorisdottir founded the company with the mindset of the athlete right there.

These are waterproof and, with an ergonomic design for athletes, they really hold in quite well.

How is the Dottir case?

That might sound like an odd thing to write about but I actually felt the case went along with the theme of a rugged feel. I like the fact that this case is not gonna go anywhere. It has a sturdiness to it and I even like how the earphones go into the case magnetically which, I was just thinking, if I’m in the gym, I’d rather get them right in there. I find the case is really built perfectly for it.

I also love the fact that this case has enough charge capacity for five extra charges so that if you’re really going hiking or mountain climbing, the Dottir can last you quite a long time.