Review: Whiskee Straw

Who is into iced coffees and smoothies?

If you are…I have a great product we are checking out for you!

Whiskee Straw  is sort of this cool straw meets whisk.  Now you can mix your favorite beverage without multiple utensils.  This is some serious mixing I want to mention – sometimes when you mix a powdered drink there is this gross separation that stays in the cup.  Not with this product AT ALL.  This is officially your go-to for protein shakes, coffee, chocolate milk, smoothies and all powdered drinks.  Think even warmer weather drinks like lemonades and ice teas.  And after you make your drink with the whisk end you already have your sipping straw all ready to go.

We received the straw set ($24) that includes a 16 ounce straw, a 24 ounce straw and the cleaning tool.  You can also purchase the straws separately for $14/$18 each if that is more your speed.  I also received a traveler bag ($18) that makes it so easy to take this with you to work/school etc.  No more excuses to not carry on your healthy rituals because it “isn’t easy to transport” amongst your busy and hectic schedule.

We had no trouble at all trying these out.  Easy to use and easy to clean!  Check it out!