Review Xplora XGo2 Smartwatch

Start the New Year off more organized with your child’s first GPS Smartwatch.  The XGo2 is a completely affordable mobile phone and GPS tracker for $100 – unheard of!  This watch is a great way to introduce your child into the digital world we all exist in.  It has this super cool sensor that tracks your child’s steps.  They can earn “xplora coins” to kind of inspire them to be more active.  Grab gift cards you received this holiday season and purchase this amazing option!

The starter pack comes with the watch, charger and a code for 50 Xplora Coins to get your child started.  The product is water resistant so no worries there.  It comes in a few great colors like black, pink, blue and green and comes with the SIM card preinstalled (one less headache for us parents).  This is

I was pretty impressed with the ease of the set up and use.  I thought I would be explaining it to my child for hours.  Nope; she picked it up right away and is currently doing jumping jacks in the living room to earn coins she can game with later tonight when we are in “mellow out” mode.
Another cool feature – you can set up security zones like home/school.  God forbid there is an emergency your child can press the SOS button to inform saved emergency contracts of their location.  You can also send and receive calls/texts/emojis/voice messages with pre-approved contacts.  The watch features a 0.3MP camera so your child can document and send you pics throughout the day so you know exactly what they are doing.  The watch is 2G, 3G and 4G enabled.

Great idea; check out this and other great products from Xplora!