twrl milk tea – review

Where are my tea drinkers?

Twrl Milk Tea are amazing plant-based milk tea made only from organic fair trade tea and plant-based pea milk.  This means these are better for you and without the compromise of taste and quality.  I personally put them to the test and am an immediate fan for life!

What I love about them: the sweetness.  I HATE anything artificial tasting or not “real sugar” tasting.  These are sweetened with low-glycemic agave sweeteners and really are delicious!  Oh and they are both keto and allergen friendly!  They are only made with natural ingredients – nothing artificial or that you cannot understand or pronounce.  You want to drink these cold!

I totally recommend their sampler pack – you get 12 of their 3 awesome flavors (original black, supreme jasmin and hojicha roasted green tea for the amazing price of $39.95.  The original is my personal favorite (tastes include chocolate/cinnamon).  Hojicha Roasted Green Tea is so nice and different.  You get hints of nutty/smoky/chocolate.  The jasmine milk tea is smooth and floral – definitely a crowd pleaser in this house!

These really are so different and delightful!  Please check them out.  I won’t actually go to bed without knowing a few are chilling in the fridge for the next day!