Zippileather – Trench Leather Coat Review

image of woman in zippileather trench leather coat

I never heard of Zippileather before, but that said, I think I am now hot. What you see in the photo is the ladies regular fit Burgundy leather light trench coat.

At this price, especially when I saw the quality, it is well worth it. It is a well-made coat, with 100% genuine, sheepskin leather. It has a contemporary and cool look to it, but the price point is quite the deal. This is such a nice, hot and cold with a nice sheen. The quality and workmanship are really quite beautiful. I cannot say anything negative at all about the quality of this coat. Every time I wear it I’m constantly getting compliments.  I know to be a balanced review you need to list the pros and cons, but at its price point, you’re getting quite a high-end product.

The quality of it looks just like coats that I bought in Italy, and yet I’m getting this shipped right to my house. I also loved that you could pop in your height and get it customized right to your height.

Lastly, I love the fact that this Zippileather trench coat has such a classic look that it’s never going to go out of style. You know that you have a trench coat that is something you can wear basically for every occasion. Especially now that we are in the fall. It is the perfect match, especially with the burgundy color.