Best Winter First Layers

Winter is coming and it’s getting quite cold. It is time to get your winter essentials ready. Here are some of our suggestions for the best winter first layers.

image of a variety of colors of Gold Toe socks for winter layers post

First, Momma always said you need a good pair of socks. Gold Toe makes high-quality business socks in nearly every style, but I also love the fact that they can be rather thick and warm. Go artistic with all the different colors of socks out for display. I like a classic sock which also looks good and will keep me warm.

image of several pair of Wama underwear for winter layers post

Wama makes underwear by hand, which is both Eco friendly, and comfortable, as well as can keep you warm on long winter nights. There are various pairs in the shop, so take your pick, but a nice pair of boxer briefs made with the hemp/cotton mix can keep you warm this upcoming winter.


chill boys

Chill Boys has comfy bamboo undergarments, which are also Eco friendly. The bamboo allows it to breathe, so if you’re working out in the winter, you can keep the moisture off your body. They ship straight from the warehouse in Minnesota, so certainly they know something about keeping warm in the winters back in Minnesota. They are also running a special right now. It’s pretty socks with any purchase over $100.

Have you picked out your winter first layers yet?