Reviewing the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban 4WD High Country

    I would not risk writing a story from the angle of the specifics of a car because I am not a car person. But honestly, I’m also very realistic when I write about cars; I think car buyers are humans, and any reviews should be approached from that angle. While many people understand the specs, I feel that people make decisions on cars based on the felt quality and features along with it.


With that said, the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban 4WD High Country’s is a tank. But the implication of a tank gives the impression of a negative along the lines of a brutal World War II Sherman tank. This SUV is a luxurious and full of features tank. It is the highest quality vehicle you could hope for with the size and mass of a tank.


First is the storage. Not only does it hold everything under the sun, as you could see in this picture, but it also holds much more than you would expect. The storage is exceptionally well designed and even enhanced with features such as how the seats fold down.

The abundance of features and thought-out detail is really what makes this SUV  an entirely different animal.  I mentioned enhanced features related to the storage. The seats fold down by simply pressing a button, not by wrestling with it and breaking your back. This makes it easy to use the storage while holding something; it only takes one finger. The rearview mirror can easily convert to a video camera allowing you to see behind the mess of stuff filling the back. This SUV automatically sends out a step for you, and the tires deflate to make it even easier to get in. In conjunction with its gorgeous interior, all of these features make this huge SUV feel not like a tank but like a yacht.


Many features make the suburban a pleasure to drive. For example, it has, of course, all-wheel drive and the usual high-end car features, but it, in addition to driving it sitting about 35 feet in the sky or so it feels, makes it much easier to navigate traffic. The basic steering and control are exceptional, as it really does drive almost as smooth as a regular car.

But even in driving it, other features make it easier. For example, it broadcasts the speed right to the front dash, and the seats will vibrate if you are drifting into the other lane. The main display is large and easy to navigate.  It even has an all-around camera view, making parking and reversing out of a parking spot 100 times easier than you would expect. One of my favorite features was the cooling seats which made a big difference in 97-degree heat with leather seats.


The last thing to mention to me is safety. I described already how this feels like a tank, and that truly is a good thing. Between its massive size and all of the cameras, I felt my family was safer in this SUV than almost anything I’ve ever driven.

I should also mention that one of my biggest concerns for those long car rides is keeping the kids quiet and happy. The kids have their individual comfort controls and so much room that I found them complaining a little bit less for the entirety of the journey. In addition, each seat has a monitor in front of it so they could broadcast whatever nonsense they’d like without me hearing it, thanks to the wireless headsets.


The massive sunroof that covers the first and second rows add to the driving experience. I had a side theory that these features helped reduce nausea the kids inevitably complain about on a long trip.

Before I wrote this,  I admit I was intimidated and thought it might be overkill for the average family. After riding the Suburban, I’m pretty darn convinced this fits that family looking for luxury, safety, and space.


This is a luxury behemoth of a car that has every possible feature you would ever want.  If it is within your budget, I would highly recommend it!