Gyroor Hover Shoes – Kids Review

Hover Shoes are now trending and with good reason. They combine the fun of hoverboards with the portability of skates. Gyroor, well-rated for its products,  has created the Hover ShoesThe Shoes are like a Segway without handles, so it is easy to carry something. They also work on core strength and balance. It is a very smooth ride. They perform better on smooth surfaces, and much to your dismay, your kids can ride around the house pretty quickly! They are fun to use as it feels surreal to glide around.

The Gyroor Shoes come in blue and gray and have wheels that light up with LED lights. The LED lights are multicolored and vivid, which helps with visibility for safety. The Shoes will beep when the battery is depleting, and there is a prominent battery status on the Shoes to indicate battery life. The Shoes will go from green to yellow to red. The Shoes completely charge after 2-3 hours and have a 10km range.

They are easy to maneuver especially turns. You can do a complete 360-degree turn and spin in a circle repeatedly, although it might make you dizzy! They are easy to hop off if you think you will crash. It took my daughter 10 minutes to ride around independently without issue.

The Shoes can be connected to change them into a hoverboard. I suggest practicing with them as a hoverboard, so you get the hang of controlling them without worrying about keeping yourself into an unintended split. Gyroor Hoover Shoes make an excellent gift for kids and adults alike.

They’re on sale right now on Amazon.

BTW  Caterina is 14 and writes from a kid’s perspective.