Rewriting Romance by Evie Joy

rewriting romance

Rewriting Romance: The Docuseries is a Kickstarter campaign that aims to change the narrative around love and relationships. The project is a docuseries that explores different forms of love from around the globe, in an attempt to show that there is more to love than the fairytale stories we have been conditioned to believe in.

Many of us have been exposed to unhealthy or toxic relationships in our formative years, and as a result, have become jaded and skeptical about the idea of true love. The goal of this project is to help people understand that there are different kinds of love that can thrive and exist if we simply look beyond the box that previous stories have conditioned us into.

The docuseries will feature real-life stories of love from a diverse category of relationships, across the globe. From these diverse examples, viewers will be able to choose the form of love that resonates best with them. The goal is to help people understand that love starts and ends with you, and if it’s that important, you shouldn’t leave it to chance.

Evie Joy, the creator of the project, is bringing it to Kickstarter because the current generation is in an epidemic of loneliness, and she believes that this series could help alleviate that. The campaign is looking for a community of people who see the need for this solution and who want to bring this series to more people.

The project has already started with over fifteen interviews in the United States and Canada, but the goal is to expand and find multiple versions of healthy love across the globe. The plan is to start in Finland and end in Spain, traveling through the very city of love, Paris, and settling into the pinnacle of quaint love in Italy. But beyond these idolized locations, the project will also be filming the stories of everyday people in Amsterdam, Poland, and Portugal, among others, just so viewers can find a version of love that resonates with them.

Rewriting Romance is not just about finding love, it’s also about building awareness of self, and self-love. The docuseries will attempt to show that you can be loved and accepted even if you don’t fit the norm.

Rewards for backers of the campaign include early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes footage, and even the opportunity to be featured in the docuseries. By supporting this project, you can help bring more awareness to love and romance and be a part of rewriting the narrative around it.