Halo Top Releases Raspberry White Chip

halo top rasberry

Halo Top, a popular brand known for its low-calorie ice cream, has just launched a new limited-edition pint called Raspberry White Chip. This pint is perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations and features a creamy combination of raspberry light ice cream and sweet, crunchy white chips.

One of the best things about this new pint is that it contains only 340 calories, making it a guilt-free treat for those trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. This means that you can share it with your loved one without feeling guilty, or indulge in the whole pint yourself without feeling guilty.

In addition to the new Raspberry White Chip pint, Halo Top has also recently launched a workout gear collection and Goal Getter tracker to help fans stick to their New Year’s resolutions. The workout gear collection includes t-shirts, tank tops, and leggings, all featuring the iconic Halo Top logo, while the Goal Getter tracker is an app that allows users to track their progress and set goals for their health and fitness journey.

Halo Top’s new Raspberry White Chip pint is a delicious and guilt-free treat that is perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Along with the recent launch of workout gear and a goal-tracking app, Halo Top continues to innovate and provide its customers with healthy, tasty options to indulge in. So, It will be a perfect fit for those who are health-conscious and looking for low-calorie options.