Rheos Sunglasses For Pool Vision

This weekend is gonna be a hot and sunny one!  Hopefully you have shopped (probably online) for all your mixed drink and barbecue needs; now time for the swimwear and shades.  This house has many sunglasses options; it seems we have to have a pair in the car, in my purse, in the beach tote and even on the counter; just to ensure we always have what we need when we need it.

How about sunglasses for the pool?  Sunglasses that float?  I know!  But they do exist and I have been testing them out all week! Rheos Nautical Eyewear are polarized, have 100% UV protection and yes…they float.  This is nylon optics that actually fare better against impact than both glass or polycarbonate.  The first thing I noticed is how light they are.  Second thing I noticed is how they really do not fog up at all.  This is a HUGE plus at the beach with the sometimes humidity and wind.  Also; they are “dual-sided oleophobic”.  What is that you ask?? Well it makes them superhero level when exposed to oils.  Yup; sunblock doesn’t stand a chance!  You barely feel them on your face which is a bonus for this girl that demands comfort! I have been wearing the Bahias (sport) frame and couldn’t be happier.  They come in four color options (I have tortoise/amber)  The price point is awesome at around $55 per pair.

So in summary, these shades come in amazing shape/color/design options, the price point is amazing, they are light, do not scratch up, protect us from dangerous UV rays and they float on water??

I hope you have already went to their website to make the purchase!