Covered Goods Four-in-One Nursing Cover

Packing up the diaper bag for an outing with baby is always an adventure in and of itself. Trying to fit everything you might need can be daunting at times, and leave the diaper bag heavy and bursting! With the original Covered Goods Four-in-One Cover, you can save space while preparing for a number of needs. 

First and foremost, the Covered Goods Cover is a full coverage nursing cover for breast feeding moms on the go. The fabric is stretchy enough that you can put it on over one shoulder and under the other arm, allowing you to peek in on baby while nursing. I liked that I could put it on and take it off one handed and didn’t have to worry about any velcro, buckles, or rings to adjust. There is no worry about baby kicking and exposing you while nursing as it is all once piece of fabric that wraps 360 degrees around securely, but leaving plenty room to breathe. I appreciated that the fabric was breathable without being see through when stretched. It can also just be pulled up and used as an infinity scarf, and they have a number of different colors and styles on their website to choose from.

The third use for the Covered Goods Four-in-One Cover is to be used as a car seat cover. It easily stretches over baby’s carseat, and had plenty room for the handle on top. With the pandemic right now and my infant being too young for a mask, I feel better knowing she is covered and protected when we do have to venture out. The last use is as a cart cover for shopping when baby is big enough to sit in the cart. The Four-in-One Cover is machine washable, so no worries about spills, spit ups, and other messes that are bound to happen with kids. The fabric is as advertised, “buttery soft” and I wish I could have all my clothes that soft! This is a must have as a mom, and a thoughtful gift idea for a baby shower. With so many uses, it will definitely be used for a few years at least, and the quality of the Four-in-One Cover allows for it to be durable and long lasting. Covered Goods also has some stylish and soft Face Mask Scarves available for order as well, so check out their website at