Last Minute Holiday Shopping at Staples

Last-minute shopping is kind of my go-to move. As a dad and a husband, I find it my moral obligation to completely disorganized and drop the ball purely of the sun from identity. I find too often if I’m on the ball and have it together, the expectations rise.


Staples with Instacart allows you to get anything you’re looking for shipped to your house place of business in relatively quick order. What you see in the photo is the same-day delivery which makes it quite a bit easier to deal with for last-minute planning dads like me. Now would I have normally thought to get a valentines day gift at Staples?


No! And I would be lying if I said so, but I am a dad and a business owner, so I love using my corporate card to kill two birds with one stone. In addition, the wife will never suspect that the delivery from Staples actually includes Valentine’s Day presents.


Here you see a few ideas that I can both deduct from the business and make the wife happy.  Since January, my wife has still been on that entire New Year new you thing.

Now, she can organize her thoughts and even pop them up on the bulletin board as you can see. But, since she like everybody in this planet now is doing live-streaming the desk stand is not a bad choice. In addition,they even have Valentine’s Day cards there too.


So if your last a last-minute shopper like me it’s a pretty easy option to kill a few birds with one stone.

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