Richmond and Finch Lipstick Charger and Stand and Grip Clckr Product

RICHMOND & FINCH Lipstick Charger & Stand and Grip Clckr Products 

I love fun accessories for my I-phone.   The trendy lip stick charger is adorable, fashionable and functional.   Great for charging on the go and a fantastic conversation starter.   It also  The phone charger is made for both the iPhone and Android.   The iPhone/lightning micro-usb and type-c cable is included. The 2600mAh lipstick powerbank charges your phone to 80% capacity.

I like the Stand and Grip products because I could place my phone down when I record my videos on my phone.   It makes my life easier.   The 3M adhesive that sticks to your phone and doesn’t leave that yucky residue.  I did not have a problem with it sticking to my phone however check the website because it does not stick to certain phones.

I found the instructions to attach the stand are  easy to follow and the product is extremely durable.  Even when I accidentally dropped  my phone the accessories have held up quite well.   The company has  teamed up with CLCKR and created some fashionable designs to make your device look more stylish.   CLCKR is a universal and multi-functional phone stand and allows for a firmer grip. It also allows for multiple viewing positions, including landscape or portrait mode.   Check out the products here.


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