Whiskeysmith chocolate whiskey: Will you be a heretic?

If you are like me, you might like to pair your aperitif with some chocolate for your dessert. But what if… you would NOT need chocolate to have your chocolate fix? What if you could infuse some chocolate into your liquor? What? Chocolate flavoured whiskey? What kind of sorcery is that? That exists indeed.

Whiskeysmith makes a bunch of flavoured whiskeys (chocolate, bananas, pineapple, blood orange, salted caramel, peach, and coconut). Some will call all of this heresy. And I will say that I would personally be hesitant to try some of those. But Chocolate? Salted Caramel? Even Banana? Hell yeah, bring them on, I am very curious. And if you like pineapple on your pizza… well, maybe you will like pineapple flavoured whiskey as well.


Si here I am, a shot of chocolate flavoured glass in one hand, and reading the label from the bottle I am holding in the other. Let’s take a sip. And another one. And… let’s pour another shot in that glass. 

The first things that come into the palate is, of course, a strong taste of milk chocolate, but with a touch of caramel. Medium finish to give you some sense of chocolate for a few minutes. 

It is different. It is interesting. I tried it. I might use this to introduce spirits to people who are not liquor aficionados as it is very mild and sweet. I tried it. So should you.

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