Royal Keepers Hair and Skincare Products – Review

image of royal keepers orange citrus pair

Royal Keepers is an amazing all-natural hair and skincare product line.  Their products are filled with vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, and fruits.

Very noteworthy to me is the fact that their products target issues like psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, dandruff, and more.  How awesome is that? We suffer from eczema in my house and so often we can’t find a product that caters to this skin condition.

There are zero perfumes and alcohol in their products. This means non-drying too! You will legitimately recognize all the ingredients.  Everything is natural and simple to understand. Just as it should be.

So many great products like oils,  essential oils, hair products, chakra oils, and vanilla-themed products.  Great face soaps too! All products are multi-use. Oils can be used for hair, skin, and beard care. All products also kill bacteria and fungi.

We are loving their Orange Citrus Pair ($35) which combines an 8oz oil and a 4oz beard butter.  Each product has an amazing fragrance made from orange, patchouli, and clove essential oils.  You cannot go wrong trying them out.  This is your spa-style product/experience right at home.   Take some time for yourself and try them for yourself!

Check out Royal Keepers hair and skincare products!