gloI am loving using my new RunLites during my evening sprint around the neighborhood.  It really is frustrating that due to such hectic and crazy kid schedules sometimes my fitness activities get tossed to the corner/end of the day.  I truly feel safer since using this innovative product.  First of all, these gloves are very comfortable.  They are made from really breathable fabric and come in both half or full length depending on your need.  They have a really cool pocket on the palm great for storage.  The reflective strip is extra added safety but I really couldn’t believe how bright they were.  They come in either 40 or 80 lumens and give you over a 100 degree arc of light.  They can last up to 48 hours and then you quickly and easily recharge via USB.  The lights turn easily on and off with one button.  I usually cannot stand extra “equipment” when I go running but I hardly knew these were there.  There are so many other uses for these gloves (sports, hunting, everyday) and they make a great Father’s Day gift!  Really a great gift for anyone!  They cost between $34.99-$39.99 and come in a few colors/patterns/fleece.  Check them out:

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