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anna naturals

I was just introduced to a new line of organic skin care products that are good for you while not comprising quality and or yummy fragrance.  I often am stuck using products that have no scent and I never feel like I am getting a true “spa like” experience.  You can truly relax!  Anna Naturals strive to find products safe and effective for both pregnant and new mommies as well as those trying to conceive.  They offer products that basically take you through your entire process to becoming a mommy!  “Light Pregnancy Massage Oil” might be their most delicious smelling item of all!  This is perfect for your pregnant belly; I love that it isn’t greasy at all like other products.  Smells super sweat and stops stretch marks before they start.  I pretty much was nauseous my entire pregnancy; “calming aromatherapy nausea spray” would have been perfect!  This is ginger, peppermint and citrus oils all together that you spray, breathe and instantly feel better.  For after the baby arrives, the product awesomeness continues!  A life-saver is their “postpartum perineal mist” which is the perfect blend of essential oils that will soothe the swelling and soreness associated with giving birth.  This spray is a must!  For the sore and dryness associated with breast-feeding please check out their “natural calendula nipple cream”.  I tried many like this when I was breast-feeding and this one is does the trick of softening your skin but you do not have to worry about wiping it away for the baby as it is totally safe!  Whether you are looking for skin care, oils or herbal teas you will be blown away by the quality of their products!  Visit

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