Running with a Smile and SOLE: A Sole-Inspired Insole Review

I never thought I’d find myself in this place, actually voluntarily running and enjoying it. It’s a far cry from the years when I could barely muster a brisk walk to the fridge. But, life has a way of throwing curveballs, and here I am, a mid-40s guy, turning pavement into my personal playground.

Losing those extra pounds was like a stealth mission, and while my knees and back weren’t throwing a ticker-tape parade, they weren’t exactly begging for mercy either. Running seemed like a perfectly sane idea in comparison – until reality hit and my joints started questioning my life choices.

Cue the entrance of SOLE’s insoles – my new allies in the battle of me against pavement. It’s as if the universe sent me a message, and that message was “upgrade your shoe game, buddy.”

I snagged two pairs – one for the fancy-shmancy shoes I break out when I want to feel like a CEO (Chief Exercise Officer) and another specifically built for running. I was tickled pink by the fact that they’re made from carbon-negative cork, which, for the record, is something that sounds way cooler than regular cork. Saving the planet, one step at a time – I could totally get behind that.

Slipping those insoles into my dress shoes was like introducing my feet to a first-class spa experience. My posture did a double-take and actually straightened up. I walked around the office like I was strolling on a red carpet. Who knew insoles could make you feel like a million bucks?

Now, let’s talk about the running bit – the part where my knees and back are like a comedy duo trying to trip me up. But guess what? These insoles swooped in like superheroes, or should I say supersoles? (Okay, I promise, that’s the last pun.) And here’s where the story gets even better – the insoles are like magical shape-shifters. I decided to give the “oven thing” a shot. Placed them in the oven, not my feet – just to be clear. And voila, they emerged all warm and cozy, ready to mold to my feet like a long-lost puzzle piece.

Stepping into my shoes, onto these slightly warm insoles, felt like a science experiment that I somehow nailed. It’s like my feet were getting their own personal spa treatment – the relaxation of a heated footbath without the awkward small talk.


In the days that followed, I realized my knees weren’t throwing tantrums as much, and my back seemed to be on speaking terms with me again. Running became a form of joyful rebellion, and I wasn’t about to let my joints dampen my newfound spirit.

So, here I stand, a mid-40s guy who’s now part of the “Running Fanatics Anonymous” club – thanks to SOLE’s ingenious insoles. They’re the unsung heroes of my foot comfort revolution. Who knew that a tiny bit of cork and a dash of oven magic could turn running into a semi-comfortable, occasionally humorous experience?