Safe to Flush Review

Hi, girls out there! I love to clean up a bit better during that time of the month. I adore the clean feeling wet wipes give me. But you cannot flush the used wet wipes, so what to do with them? Putting it in the trash bin is a viable option, but not pleasant for the one cleaning up the bathroom. Not to mention they are awful for the environment. But we now have the solution! Safe To Flush Moist Tissues from Natracare are perfect for very sensitive skin and can be flushed down the toilet!

Since buying these wet wipes, I have found another great use for them. I have a relative that needs to use wet wipes in the bathroom due to hemorrhoids. They love that they can now flush them right down the toilet!

The Safe to Flush wet wipes are made of 100% paper and contain soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial witch hazel. This organic and natural formula will help you feel extra clean. They do not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

Tested by Water UK and IWSFG, the Natracare flushable moist tissues are certified flushable! They do not contain any plastics or viscose like other brands, and will thus not create any sewer blockages! And further down the line, they will not harm marine life, which makes them awesome in my eyes!

I thoroughly appreciate the small size of the packaging. It easily fits in my purse.

Natracare products are available at retailers nationwide, including Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Thrive Market,, Grove Collaborative, independent supermarkets, and natural food stores across the country.

Safe To Flush