Doodle Jamz – Get Rid of Screen Time!

Get your children off those screens! I have found a unique toy that keeps my child occupied without a tablet or cellphone! Doodle Jamz is a special type of drawing pad. Beads or ink are put in jelly on top of a backer. You can push these beads or the ink around with your fingers or with a special pen to make drawings. Your creativity can go all out with these special drawing pads!

doodle jamz

It is very satisfying to push the ink or beads around. Even we adults love to play around with them! What is more, you can change the backer cards! You can go through the gallery of backer cards from Doodle Jamz and print any out that you would like. There are mazes, paint by numbers, emojis, scenery, and many many more! But why not let your imagination go wild? You can create your own backer card straight on their website! Print out your own face, create a game or go completely wild! It is easy to swap out the backers! And fun to do.

We have added a Doodle Jamz to the busy bag of our son, and he loves it! This has made restaurant outings a breeze!

You can now get your Doodle Jamz on Amazon for only $9.99. A steal for the number of hours it will occupy your kids!