SafeGrate: Grate Your Food, Not Your Fingers!

I am always cooking with a baby on my back, a toddler playing around my feet, and a husband hanging around the kitchen wondering what there will be for dinner. Meanwhile, I am assembling my shopping list on my cellphone app while getting the butter from the fridge, cleaning out a cabinet while the pasta cooks, teaching my toddler his alphabet, and juggling fire. Okay, maybe that last thing was in my dreams. We all get it, evenings are hectic, and you need to cook dinner fast. So that is why I am a fervent fan of any kitchen tool that can give me that little bit of help. Which brings me to the SafeGrate Finger Guard.

image of SafeGrate Finger Guard and SafeGrate +2 Grate

Safe Grate

April Ideas has come up with an awesome little problem-solving tool: the SafeGrate Finger Guard! This little holder keeps me from grating my fingers instead of my carrots. And it saves me lots of time! No longer do I need to wash my hands every 10 seconds. I use the Finger Guard to hold the food in place, so my hands do not touch the food, nor do they get dirty. And since the Finger Guard is basically a holder you pinch together, it holds big pieces and smaller-sized food. It works on hard stuff like carrots, or softer (like cheeses), because you control the force with your hand.

The SafeGrate is symmetrical, making it the perfect tool for both left- and right-handed people. You can just put the SafeGrate Finger Guard in the dishwasher after using it.

I think this might be a perfect stocking-stuffer for any cook out there!