The Porter House Co. Brass Dishwasher Magnet

image of a dishwasher with the Porter House Co. brass dishwasher magnet on it

IMG 2474

How many times have you run the dishwasher only to end up running it again because someone loaded something dirty in it? The Porter House Co.’s clean/dirty magnet is perfect in my household.

Since we’re a big family and we take turns loading and running the dishwasher, there is always someone asking whether the dishes are clean or dirty. If we run the dishwasher and it’s not full, it may even confuse family members and they may end up putting in their dirty dishes. This has been such a frustrating experience. The clean/dirty magnet by The Porter House Co. is the perfect, simple solution to avoid future confusion.  If the dishes are dirty the magnet says it.  If the dishes are clean then you turn the magnet upright. I love the idea!  I’m not sure how we lived without this magnet.    

Everyone with a dishwasher and a large family should own a clean/dirty magnet. The brass dishwasher magnet is a fancy brass color. It’s designed nicely and it does the job. Now, there is no question if the dishes are dirty or clean.
The Porter House Co. brass dishwasher magnet is a smart idea, aesthetically pleasing, and a must-have for any large household.  It’s coated for scratch-free use which is important to me.
 It retails for $12.95 and ships free.