Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

In today’s world I am so thrilled to be trying out a little more protection for my home and family.  The Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is truly the real deal; this is 1080p “full HD streaming video” with 130 degrees to angle.  I am seeing such clear and wider view coverage of my home while away!  I want to share a few of my favorite features of this camera: first of all and probably most “key” is that it is so so easy to set up with your home’s wifi connection.  Within a few short minutes my phone was connected to the camera.  This “cam” has a nifty built-in memory card so there are ZERO storage fees.  Also worth talking about is the handy alerts I get on my phone telling me when any motion and audio were detected (I will say our elderly dog accounted for many alerts LOL).  What I adored while the babysitter was over was the ability to participate in “two-way talk” no matter where I was.  The quality of the screen images and the fact that it was super clear both day and night makes this product a no-brainer on your wish list.  This is 24-hour protection and clarity and this mommy is finally breathing a breath of fresh air.  For more info please check out:

samsung HD plus home cam


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