Santa Can Still Come with Santa’s Natural Christmas Candles

So even though Christmas is over, winter is upon us and since we just received samples of the cutest candles I’ve ever seen I wanted to share them with you quick.

Santa’s Natural Christmas Candle offers amazing scented candles made from beeswax, soy wax, amazing fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks.  Each candle is poured right here in the USA in the company’s North Carolina workshop.  Their candles come in 9 ounce ($12), mini 3.5 ounces ($6) and great tea light ($12) sizing.  The fragrances we received are Fraser Fir and Winter Berry just PERFECT for the next few bitter cold months we have ahead of us.  I decided to light the Fraser Fir today after work since I wanted a nice room scent to go along with a chai tea I was enjoying.  This is like fresh spruce meets fresh-cut Christmas Tree.  You can keep your holiday spirit going all year if you like!  Onto the Winterberry; ok this one is fabulous too.  This is Cinnamon, All Spice, Orange, Nutmeg and Clove all in one.  Pretty much grab a blanket and a cookie and you are good to go!  Snowfall is also available (this is eucalyptus, mint, citrus, pine, sage, juniper and more).  Very appropriate for your first day of winter snow or a perfect addition to a school/work snow day.

Please check out this amazing company!  December 25 may be in the past but the holiday spirit will continue in  your home all winter long!