Melon Helmets

Did your child happen to get a bike as a holiday gift?  If so, they may need a new helmet.  And while you are at it, maybe get yourself one too because if adults wear helmets the kids will be inspired to do so as well.  Safety all around!

Melon Helmets are simply adorable!  These are high quality, super cute and trendy options for biking, skating or scootering (if that is a word).  We received their Urban Active Flying Roses Helmet for kids.  It comes in 3 sizes and offers this neat Coolmax Pad so we know they will be comfortable.  I love the magnetic buckle (my kid can put it on with one hand) and run out the door for some fresh air fun.  Half the battle with the helmets is how cumbersome and annoying they are to put on.  I truly loved the fit, style and comfort of these fantastic helmets.  If you don’t know what size helmet to purchase their website offers super easy instructions and size charts so you will get the safest and most comfortable helmet you can for your precious cargo.

Pricing ranges; affordable, quality options are available for everyone!

Please check them out and make sure you are ready with all the gear your kids received for the holidays.  The warm weather is coming soon!