Sap! Maple

Ok we tried a yummy new seltzer this week.  We are big seltzer fans in this house so it was exciting to try out a new product!  Sap! Maple Soda and Seltzer are made from one easy ingredient: 100% maple sap direct.  There is no additives or preservatives but there is plenty of antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals and more.  This sap is straight from Vermont trees; this is the real deal and it shows!  I can’t believe this but this is so great for rehydrating your body; even after a workout!  Who knew?

We all tried the soda first.  It was just the right amount of sweet to be honest.  I was expecting a really strong sweet after-taste and I am happy to report it was yummy.  This soft drink is organic, 16g of sugar and only 90 calories.  The seltzer is fantastic; 9g of sugar, also organic and only 50 calories.  Like other flavored seltzer, this drink offers a hint of maple goodness.  The perfect way to get the sweet without all the sugar.  These were both super different and totally worth checking out for yourself.  A great quality drink that you don’t really even mind the kids drinking.

These can be scooped up on amazon.  Try it!

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